The demise of MyGadgetBuilder

Hello all, my previous blog, has been officially shut down. I'll not be renewing the domain name any more, so some one can go ahead and claim it. It was a nice learning experience. Being a developer with some design skills, putting up the site was a piece of cake, but getting people to post on the site was kind of painful.

People had issues with copyright, data protection and all kinds of issues. Also things/people change as time passes by, everyone gets busy with their own profession and has little time for off-track exploration for their old love (electronics). I don't blame them, priorities do change; but took me some time to realize :) better late than never.

Well all for good. Hence forth MGB will point to this blog (till end of subscription life). Instead visit Instructables a nice site, which already existed on the lines of the world I was planning to build.

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