iPhone & CFA

I've enrolled myself for the Level I CFA exam in December '08. Studying on and off, depending on the schedule and time availability. Off late I stumbled upon SenFinance an interesting site full of Accounting and Quantitative tutorials for CFA Level I.

I downloaded them all and wanted to view them on my way to work (a 20 minute train travel is good to study). So I got my hands on SUPER® which is an amazing software to convert any one video or auto file to another format. Now I finally have the tutorials in mp4 format and can study on my way to work!


neerajsiddam said...

the format is still not supported on the ipod video.

Unknown said...

I found CFA Formula app pretty useful while commuting. It has only formulas but for a 20 minute commute it's pretty much what I need... http://www.cfaformula.com