My first E-Book: Kick Start a software start-up

Ok after all the configuration and working of the VM server with 4 virtual machines, I found it too much info to blog (lazy me..) with all the steps and configuration (I have some 3 posts still as draft yet to be published). There were some random thoughts on how this process and infrastructure can be used by others (start-ups or low budgets) for thier benefit.

Since most of the blog postings are enlightenments that occured to time once in a while, I've decided to consolidate all this information and jott them down like a step-by-step guide on how can we use the VM infrastructure for small shops or small projects in large shops. The table of contents for this book will look something like this.

Table of Contents
  • Preface
  • Who should read this book
  • What are the technologies we'll cover
  • Introduction
  • Analyzing & Building the server
  • Software selection.
  • RAID & LVM
  • Setup & Configure your first VM
  • VPN Applicance
  • Creating more Appliances I: Webserver, Database
  • Creating more Applicanes II: Version Control, Continious Integration Servers
  • Timed VNC sessions (iTalc or vncthumbnailviewer)
  • Appendix A: Configure your Linksys router with DDNS

If you have anything else you would like to consider let me know if practically possible I'll try to include it into the book. I hope to get the book out in 2-3 months (provided I can give it one hour a day). People volunteering for proof-reading are most welcome.

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Troy said...

Hey varun, count me in, i really love the way u put ur words and wud really like to know what is VM all about..